Neighborhood Watch - Suburban Sex

Written by: Joe Flach

I saw her watching me through the window
While I was working in my yard
With the years that have piled up on me
My body is no longer very hard
But the sun was high in the sky
So I took off my t-shirt
I was enjoying her secretly watching me
And figured no one was getting hurt

Then I noticed through the other window
There was another set of eyes now watching me
And I remembered her daughter was staying there
She had just turned twenty-three
Both mother and daughter were playing with themselves
While watching from a different room
Pretending that they were a brand-new bride
Imagining me being their secret groom

Now I make sure that they both are home
Before I go out to cut my grass
I always notice the opening in the bedroom curtains
And how clean they keep the glass
I started working out to get in better shape
Like any egotistical and vain man would
And I guess it goes without saying
We have the best kept lawn in the neighborhood