Echoes Of Tears

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Echoes Of Tears Echoes of tears are heard from a very deep place While they flow with penetrating emotion through a translucent trace The soul is connected but not in the way to drown in the tears But to reflect in the good moments spent throughout the years The heart is a vessel in more ways than one It continues to feel long after the tears are done It continues to beat with the echoes of the tears that once came down Thus imprinting a moment of sadness still yet to be found The eyes are the symbol of how many journeys one had lived They hold the view of all the love a soul has left to give The eyes have seen the tears when they fell like endless rain They followed the echoes of tears and saw such pain Today, the echoes of tears are believed to be a way for a soul to remain strong So we may live in our tomorrows thereafter in smiles where we all belong