Once Upon a Color

Written by: Gail DeBole

The colors were talking.
They felt out of sorts.
None of them had
Good news to report.

Blue’s smile was missing
He was “feeling down.”
Brown felt like “dirt”
And was wearing a frown.

White looked quite pale
And was feeling bland.
Yellow was hiding under
A big pile of sand. 

Green was wondering
Why all of the rest
Looked so brilliant
While she looked a mess.

Black was despondent
And felt like “death.”
Purple felt lifeless
And like a “train wreck.”

Red was floating 
And spinning around
Emanating  anger
Without making a sound.

The Color Fairy flew down
From the sky up above
And gave a stern lecture
That was created from love.

I want all of you 
To stop crying right now.
You all should be happy
And positive and proud.

Blue – you should be happy
Because you “are true.”
Red – you should spread love
Instead of floating 'round “in a stew!”
Yellow – Stop hiding, and honor the sun.
Green – You are healthy and as good as anyone.
Black – It’s your contrast that allows other colors to shine.
White – It’s your crispness that often delights the eye.
Purple – Your many shades bring beauty to all.
Brown – You are a cozy color for a dog, cat or shawl.

So – stop your whining.
You know what to do.
Make the world stronger, prettier, better 
And you’ll never lose.

The colors started talking.
They wanted to be “good sports.”
All of them decided that – from now on -
They would only have good news to report.

They circled the fairy 
And lifted her high
And all the colors glowed brightly
As she waved goodbye from the sky.