Written by: Akolade Adewunmi

  Fire! Fire! Fire !
Dreams come and go
In the midst of the thought of a
Dead and the living
Confined in its galley deep inside
A dungeon, waiting to be wasted 
In not a far distance time

I am a dead that lives : Oh forgive me!
Of all the robbing, kidnapping and millions of crimes
That rock the world in fright 
Beating hard, chastening and pruning

I am the dead that lives : Oh preserve me!
Let not my body be thrown 
To the flying vultures and the crawling maggot
Hence deflowered its raging beauty that
Attract earthly ladies like a moth in the nightlight

I am a dead that speaks: Oh remember me
With my little chicks left uncared 
And my dearest that is heavy with pregnant
 Twins or trio, i will not wait to see
Neither will i touch before the dust return to dust
The  vesper is nigh to dim the daylight in a matching fire
That send the words of my into memories

I am a dead that moves : Oh  heavens gate
Prepared for the induction, i hope you can open now
While i crawl in the sound of the gunshot
Before i will be accelerated in the speed of ghost return

Only in a flashing dream
Trembling and in awesome goodbye to all
My treasures, wherein i took the pleasure
My weeping mother that feeds me with her milk
My jewel on whose breast i rest
My replicates, the  hope of my regeneration.