My Faze,Daze,or Haze

Written by: Kaitlyn Ziegler

The one I loved has left my heart broken he stands right there in my hands he says he loves me but his words seem hurt I’m lost in a daze it should of only been a faze or a haze why does this love hurt as I daze I think about you are you a true faze or is it part of my daze? I wish it was a reality and not this faze that’s part of my  daze why must I go through this day after day can’t stop thinking about our first time how you told me you loved me and I said I loved you to was it true or do you think I was just a faze as time flew by the time we had together was the best part of our daze, faze, or haze which ever I’m glad it was you that I fell in love with thank you I’ll always love and treasure you forever in my fazed daze