skin tight

Written by: Joseph May

Cousin Betty was quite thin
And when she met this guy named Jim
She planned to marry him at that
Though Jim was very  fat

 It  was sometime in the month of June
I finally saw the bride and groom
He was much fatter, and she a lot thinner
If he got too hungry he'd have her for dinner

After they said their I dos
He kissed the bride and almost broke her in two
Then they were off  to the honeymoon
Where he broke the bed and shook the room

Upon his return his wife wasn't by his side
Many surmised that he had ate his bride
So they decided  to search him
And found her in the folds of his skin

On her face was a big grin
As she had drank too much gin
Jim was relieved to see his bride
But he remained a double wide