Written by: Joyce Johnson

Within our lifetimes man has found a way to reach the stars,
With impudent impunity, invaded Planet Mars.
Is there no place we cannot go?  What is there left to do?
With telescopes so strong, the entire universe we view.
Does God still have a secret place where we cannot intrude?
And does he think his children are arrogant and rude?
Or he might have paternal pride in man's inquiring mind.
Perhaps he's out there planning more wonders, ours to find.

I think perhaps he'd rather that we stay in our own berth
And do a better job in taking care of Planet Earth.
He's given everything we need, if we just look around
And most of us are better off to stay on solid ground.
The poet and romantic would watch planets from afar
And need no closer look to know, how wonderful they are.