Grandma Part 2

Written by: Chirag Subramanian

O Granny, you were always a gem
A peerless rose with a rough stem
Sharing the boundless love in your heart
Without expecting any in return
You stood steadfast
As life tested you at ever turn
You loved me, more than you loved yourself
To an extent to which none can hope to return
For 6 months, you were in a coma
Waiting for me to come
And see you one last time

O Grandma, I still remember
The way my hands shook
As I constructed your earthly bed
There was a lack of thought
Only pain filled my head
O Grandma, I'll never forget
The feel of you in my arms
As we carried you, ever so gently
To the hearse
Adorned with garlands, of sweet smelling flowers
You looked like an Angel, from God's own Tower
Oh Granny, they set you ablaze
As tears streaked their way down Grandpa's face
I was in a new world, unreal and fake
The falsehood around me was to blame
You went up in flames, taking me with you
A part of me, that without which
Life itself would lose its meaning
As we left the crematorium, in a daze
There was solemnity in every gaze
When we returned, to the place that was your home
Grandpa looked fallen, weary to the bone
The renovation and flashy colurs made not a difference
It felt barren, deserted, left behind
Stripped of your essence, it was but a travesty,
For outsiders to come and find
Over three months have passed, O Grandma
Since that morning, when the world became unreal
Since then, every day has been a nightmare
I laugh aloud, try to crack jokes
But nothing I do, can fill up the gaping, endless hole
Which exists inside me
They say that time heals
The hurt and the pain
But what of unconditional love, stripped away from us
Again and again?
I promise you, O Grandma
That I will be, the man you always wanted me to be
I will fulfill, the dreams that you had close to your heart
I will prove myself deserving
Of the Love and Faith
You always had in me
I will be the Success, that you always hoped for
Oh Guardian Angel, may your soul rest in peace
May you be happy and content, in the Heaven
That God has created for you
For you are The glowing Diamond, You are Godliness in essence
You are that which is purest of heart
An Angel shining White, On Wings Of Virtue
I love you, Oh Grandma, to the depths of my being
Forever and Ever
In this life, and beyond
                                                                            Your loving grandson