On Boarding Pass

Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

The well-trained heart
Enters the departing station
With measured steps,

Boards the best car
For the most comfortable
Ride possible,

So that the jerking engine
And tracks
Barely jolt it.

As it chugs along at an
Even pace until arriving in a
Timely manner --

Even good hearts get railroaded.

When we started our training
We were doomed from the start
Poorly engineered for at best a rough ride.

Misaligned rails coupled with
Excessive speed flung us off course;
We were stuck in our broken heart.

As we struggled to break free
(Windows of hope seem small)
I lost you in the ensuing melee 

And was crushed.
I think you may have trampled over me
Just to get out and breathe again.

Now we're getting somewhere:
How can you ride again, 
After such derailment?