A New Dance

Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

So many gentle people
Full of love inside,
They don't speak our language
But they try to with their eyes.

Some may not have money
But they don't really care,
They're not vain in any way
It's their friendship that they share.

If we could only take the time
To accept who people are
Just because they are not like us,
And come from some place far.

If you sit and think awhile
We're not number one
God didn 't make us different
Just to favor some.

Everyone is equal
Why all the fuss?
We can learn a lot from them
And they can learn so much from us.

A very famous person said 
"Let's give peace a chance"
I say there isn't anyone on earth
Who can't teach us A New Dance.

Lynn Barany