Open My Eyes

Written by: Valerie Kaseman

A random day at a random time
it seemed to be all planned,
a time of losing hope,
a time of starting over,
I stood strong although I was weak.
A random moment at a random pace
it seemed to grasp me by the neck,
a person with hope,
a person starting over,
he stood strong although he was weak.
As the days came swiftly,
I learned more and more quickly
of this person I thought to be so tall.
This person was dark,
this person was fake,
this person was self loathing,
this person was a waste.
I have no time for this foolishness,
your magik is rubbish.
I have no patience for this nonscence,
your shadow will swollow you alive.
I fear nothing of your kind!
Such a dissapointment to me.....
a memory of you remains.....
a memory of someone..... 
a memory of a man who thought he was insane.
Go cry a stream of tears,
go tell the world that you were used.
I shake my head,
I close my eyes,
and now i leave you be.
I hope one day I'll open my eyes,
to see you've gotten free.