Brother in law's wedding

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Journey began for a family wedding
Lucky one is the brother in law
Love or arranged all seem chatting
Everywhere laughter some is awe

Reached the venue a day before
Gossip time along with fancy cheer
Discussions about beauty… on floor
Speculations for new comer un-clear

Greeting few known to many unknown
Everyone giving their words of wisdom
As if met many times…love over flown
Gathering so big like a family kingdom

Talks around…of old times and new
Rushing to the marriage tunes like crazy
Practicing for best roles solo or in crew
Laughter and gags to spice up lazy

Trying the untried talent activity
Wedding day spreads it unique glory
Dressing their best to be a celebrity
Dance, drink, dining…completes story

Couples remembering their times
A family photograph among all clicks
Making memories which sublimes
Wedding moves with happy-sad streaks…