Written by: Jordan Dickinson

When I feel that someone is there
In my heart grows a dreadfull scare
People say that they are your friend
Some even say, they're there till the end

But how is that so, when they do not see
Who i am, what makes me really me
To me they talk, a day if I am lucky
But all it gives me, feelings are lurky

Can there be someone who will  never leave?
Is this something my soul can really believe?

If there is, it's not for me
Alone forever, I yet will be
So the next time that you see my face
We might be dead, in another place

So i'll take these seconds and hold them dear
To lose these memories is my biggest fear
I may look tough, strong on the outside
But I can be soft, loving on the inside

For me and you, let time pursue
Since if we wait, our love is true