Written by: Donald Eissler

I am a verbal painter. 
Paint pictures with my words. 
They can be the prettiest pictures, 
That you have ever heard. 

My pallet is the keyboard, 
My brush are its keys. 
What you read in your mind 
Is the picture that it sees. 

I can paint happy, 
I can paint blue. 
How you read the painting, 
Is entirety up to you. 

I have painted Rembrandt's 
Picasso's and Renior's. 
Even painted one or two 
That have left some ugly scars. 

I have painted pictures 
Of ladies in distress. 
One I painted too much 
Left me really in a mess. 

For once words are written 
The picture has been formed. 
You can't change the color. 
That I wish I was forewarned. 

But I will keep on painting 
Pictures with my words 
And hope that they will be, the 
Prettiest pictures, you have ever heard