The Fool That I Am

Written by: Joe Flach

I was taking her home to meet my parents
Of whom I never had said much about
If she had any concerns about the feelings I had
This was sure to remove all of the doubt

My father was working in the garden
When we drove up the driveway to my house
He was so happy to get to meet my girl
That he yelled into his lovely spouse

When my other father walked out of the front door
The uniqueness of my home life was on display
I watched her very carefully
Hoping she would be okay

She shook their hands with a smile on her face
Saying, “It’s so nice to meet both of you,
This explains so much about your son,
Things I am sure you already knew”

“This explains why he is so accepting
Of all our friends who are different than us
This explains why so quickly everyone I know
In your son puts all their trust”

“This explains why he is not judgmental
And why he never assumes to know another’s story
This explains why he is so confident
And not pretentious like so many other boys”

“But I wonder why he doesn’t boast about his Dads
And why he is worried about what others might think”
Then all three of them turned around to me
Staring with eyes that would not blink

I simply looked at them with love in my heart
Thinking about how my girlfriend and Dads were so cool
Then I simply shrugged my shoulders and said,
“I guess I am just a fool”