Written by: Black Eyed Susan

Thank you for a making my husband a prick
For 3 weeks of being treated like shit
Do you feel better, now that you’re PALS with him?
I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were so dim   
We could have continued flirting and joking
But then you apologized - what were you smoking? 
My husband didn’t care, until you made it seem “bad”
Why would you do that? Destroy the fun that we had?
Now I’m the “immoral, horrible wife”
Who daily is yelled at, ignored, criticized… 
The loving husband that I once used to have
Only speaks asshole thanks to your gaff!
I never thought you would BETRAY me like this – 
For goodness sake, we didn’t even kiss!
I hope you get herpes, you cock-sucking dick!

For Patricia's thank-you contest