Rock Steady

Written by: Georgina Loera

My eyes linger instantly when you enter my world
They light up bright, like a new lightbulb has been replaced
I blink my heavy eyelashes, and you slowly dissolve into my uncertainty
Your look tortures every fiber of my body
I stay put, hoping to obtain a partial smile
I feel a painful stab from your quick stare, your blade is dull cutting my feelings, making me fragile
I feel the blood of my passion, dripping down my spine
I have so much to tell you, I can count the ways
Yet nothing is said on my behalf
My tongue is heavy and swollen, scalded from his thing called love
I tremble at your majestic presence, and you remain so cool and calm, chilly cold as ice
No aftershock is felt, no a single vibration, or comfort 
You are dry as earth soil can be
The ground doesn't break, not even a crack
My hands remain blistered, and yet no response 
I look in the little mirror, the one hanging on the wall
My hair is perfect, my lips red, my body small
You don't notice my effort, I spray a nice scent
Your nose is up in the air,but you don't look again
I see you walk quickly, you seem to want to get hide in your room
I only hear your sour voice the rest the day
Nothing i have done, nothing I said has moved you toward my way
You seem cemented down steady to your world
I feel your indifference, I want to shrink down and just fall
How do I replace you, you seem so wonderful
I Want to feel this way no more
How to tell my heart to stop beating for you?
I feel a rush of fear, how did it ever get like this
I have concluded this is a thing that needs to be put to rest, it must end
I will look at you no more, your rejection is to much for me to bear.