Written by: Andrew Crisci

Life can be an awesome adventure for the one who dares;
shouldn't it also be for those in love,
who leave their dreamy hearts in a blossoming grove,
and will it, in definite time, turn into dreams?
Seek yours in forbidden realms,
let it come in form of fantasy...
await the blissful joy of a discover at sea,
or that one that mounts hide on their peaks!

Sail away as Columbus and Cabot did by reciting Hail Mary,
have faith by proving it to yourself, but ignore derisive laughs;
your ship will have you as captain and nobody else,
don't lose your way among crashing waves that make you afraid.
Remember your ambition when you left shore for glory...
don't let doubt discourage you from achieving what you planned!

My aspiration is to be an accomplished writer,
and starting off this adventure, I will use ample imagination;
madness some will say...weren't the explorers' minds driven by conviction?
Follow me and I'll prove them wrong: unearth my literary treasure!