Deliver Me From the Impoverished Masses

Written by: Elton Camp

Deliver Me From the Impoverished Masses

By Elton Camp

Counting my money is my favorite thing to do
Those who are as wealthy as me are very few

One thing in life I have learned is always true
People succeed financially if they only want to

All it takes is rich parents to help you get a start
And then ruthless determination & a hard heart

Only if your Certified Public Accountant is lax
Is it necessary to waste money by paying tax

The little people are nothing but worthless slobs
They who fill the many menial, low-paying jobs

Their basic needs they dare to feel they should get
Seeing such arrogance nearly makes me have a fit

What right have they to housing or medical care
And it’s nothing to me if their cupboard is bare

Some accuse me of normal lifestyle to be blind
Untrue--I just make sure I’m never of that kind

Poor people will always manage to be around
I admit they disgust me and I won’t back down