Losing Grip on Memories

Written by: Chrissy Downing

I bet you think you know me A smile on my face A laugh in the air
My world has not a care
But that’s not the truth
Im a deciver
I hide behind this lie
My face is a Mirror of what you all need to see
But Im lost inside
Hidden in the darkness of loss
No one sees me
If you knew how I feel deep down
You wouldn’t love me
I miss her in my world
I miss my best friend
I miss my other half…
Life can be so cruel making us strong people say
One day I plan to leave this place
And run away from thoughts and memories
They tell me im lucky, and I know I am.
But I am sad and lost
So I am leaving
I promise Ill come back one day
After Ive seen what I need to see
And this brokenness inside me finally starts healing