Letter to the unborn

Written by: Chidozie Uche

To whom it may concern
 The tick-tock never wait
The worst will come no late
  Sprouting from all corners, holy end
From west to east and back, wave counter-espionage with mask of fiend
 Who waters war ever growing seed, rest in his castle with Chateau D'yquem's bottles,
 While underdogs of the world, crouch as their heart beat rattles,
Mayday with burning fuels like volcano, mustn't be frightful 
 The hand that mould nuclear so faithful.

Seekers of peace, hardworking, they add more to the over-populace figure of land of dead
  Activist might know, they intervene with dying plead,
Hope, little like mustard, the rest of the world turned slaves to fear,
  This I know, death is very easy, I tune my Lear,To babysit my day, 
For, sorrow is the gold the earth got to pay We will die, never to die again.