Why Are You So Afraid

Written by: Patricia Lewis

Why are you so afraid of calling 
on that 5 letter name? 
Is it because when you say it 
aloud you can change the 
Why are you so afraid to learn 
about what He has done for 
you and I?
Is it because you realize you 
could never do ALL the things 
He has done for you? 
Why are you so afraid to follow 
what He has said to do? 
Is it because you feel it's too 
difficult to do what is right ? 
Why are you so afraid to 
believe what the world believe 
is fables even when you see 
your friends/ family faith gives 
them testimonies. Is it because 
their minds are closed and their 
eyes are covered so you chose 
to have them influence your 
every action? So I guess you 
know when you meet our savior  
you and only you will have to 
be accountable for your