Melissa's wedding day

Written by: Seren Roberts

Its a bright golden day
A wedding day is planned
The bride is 8 months pregnant
Tries to hide it with her hand

Now that bump is more than a handful
As we are yet to see
Cos she starts to fidget
Has a pain or two or three

Hang on we try to tell her
Lets get you married first
She takes a few deep breadths
Hope the pain doesnt get worse

So the registrar does her job
As fast as she could
Cos baby is on the way
Things arent looking good

As the bride said her vows
Her waters broke 'oh my'
We reassure her its ok
Hoping she doesnt cry

There's a wedding meal planned 
speeches to be made
We tell the friends go on enjoy
But video it instead

So thats how we have the video
Of a wedding breakfast but no bride
Her and her new hubby
Were sort of busy deep inside

The maternity wing of the hospital
where I am midwife its a laugh
As I take off my glamour gear
To don a hosp gown and mask

So instead of eating a lovely meal
I am here doing what i do best
Delivering a little boy
Now can we all get some rest?