-Laughter's Best Equals Better-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

Not for naught is laughter called,
the right medication, for the soul,
Laughter plays no prideful role
on ego’s path, or vanities goal,
   For laughter is the sense of joy installed,
That harmonizes with the world. 

Not for naught is laughter said
To be the best medicine,
Well documented in olden lore
Widespread and genuine
When laughter is at its best
It rids the mind of emotional stress.

Not for naught they say 
that tears of joy
Keeps miseries away
For sorrow’d tears, distress employ
But laughter is the key to the happy door
As souls entwine and in mirth soar.

Not for naught does laughter’s role
Play a major part in emotions discharge
No matter how gruesome the turmoil
Laughter clears the way small or large
For laughter makes light a load 
on this life’s symbolic road.  

Not for naught does laughter bring 
Peoples together joyful in voice to sing
For man must have affinity to survive,
Must have Love around to keep the world alive
For without affinity for one another
There will be no laughter for miseries to smother.

Joyful laughter is pure sanity
Man must have affinity 
For survival’s reality
Try the laughter’s way
Feel as relief has its say
at laughter’s play.