The Start

Written by: Sami LaRose

The Start
Sami LaRose

When fate decides to bring you love you present fate with the inner beauty
So sweet and amazing she is, even on her rainy days
She has committed a sin, and lied before and that is only human
I love her for her imperfections, and everything she thinks she's not
Is is the hottest out of the "hot"
So beautiful outside, she's beaming she's glowing
My special little butterfly
One day fate will find us somewhere new, somewhere where their is only me and you
Out in the far, far, away off lands I see you as you stand
Dress blowing in the wind and hair glistening in the sun, I asked you if you were having fun
You replied with a yes, and I said be mine forever
That day we went down to the lake, and said our "I do's"
and that was just the beginning of me and you
To start our life together, is to try something new, 
but I am glad that I get to start it with you