The Ice Frozen Box, I Like To Call My Heart

Written by: Sami LaRose

            The Ice Frozen Box, I Like To Call My Heart
By: Sami LaRose

In times of evaporation, the heart fades away
Looking for a newer and brighter day.
He strolls alongside Park Avenue
Then he see’s something he would never expect.
A big bullet right through his cheats!
He falls to the floor and aches in pain
He did not expect to end it this way
But this is merely only the puncher wound to the heart.
The other was much deeper and darker, (and made him fall apart)
But this one stings just as bad.
No matter what they say,
She knew she shouldn’t of taken her heart out to play these silly games
So she takes her bleeding heart, ever
So carefully, and places it in a box for all of eternity.
It shall forever lie in the ice frozen box.
Keep her heart as cold as her soul
And whenever it hearts up from love,
The iron shackles around the chamber
Shall tighten up, and bring it down.
So you see it’s better to keep yourself
Isolated and depressed
Then alive and happy
Because only one of those ends badly.