Romantic Tragedy

Written by: Sami LaRose

Sami LaRose
Romantic Tragedy 

You f*cked me up in the brain, and it is driving me insane 
Why do you care, if you are not their?
It’s like an illness deep inside me
Suicidal I am (always)
I have no clue
I cannot understand.
What you did to me was unforgiveable, 
Or was it?
Once a love, always a love.
Lost once into a deep ocean of despair,
I try to find you, but you are not there.
Forever tears run down my face;
I hide under the covers in disgrace
I feel like a child, yet again
Running away from all fears
Hopefully never to return again;
In time we hate,  that which we often fear
And in time;
We hope that which we often fear, will disappear.
But as time goes on, we shall never know.
Until we open it outside, and jump out the window
Free falling in a pit of agony
I am just another Romantic tragedy