Recent Argument

Written by: Spanish Rose

This is how we argue, it was 
texted back and forth...

Me: I give, you take
A smile I fake

I try and try
While you just stand by

I apologize, you accept
But it is a two-way concept 

While I'm walking on egg-shells
You push me and poke
What is this to you?
Some kind of joke?

I go out on a limb
you snap it in two
What is it exactly that I have to 

Hubby: Since you fake 
Like a snake 

And find anything wrong 
In anything offense you take 

I bark you bite 
You just want to fight

About nothing stress you bring
Im not dancing to what you 

Its not what you say and its all 
how you say it 

This code and cadence I can 
not break it

I have it worse than you
Your place i would trade it.

Me: WE bark and WE bite
WE shove and WE fight
WE take offenses at the slight
BOTH are wrong and NEITHER 
It takes TWO to make peace 
and TWO to fight

Hubby: ok'd