A Peace Of My Heart

Written by: Joe Maverick

Believe not in lies in this, a time of deceiving, for; 
Far too soon, would run fair chance, with sidence; its errant way.." 
I've heard ears of clay. will oft 'reck not of the hour; 
Though sun-gold were to fall, in its bursts and showers; 
As would molten fables.. 'Cross ripening fields of wheat, 
And so must I now on alone to dance?? 
Ee'n whithin these daze, of fruitful summer sweet?? 
Sparing not even the seconds glance.." 
Oh." but bring to me your eagerness fleet,
For tis the very richness in its flower.
“Come.! Pare with me scripts each day; and hour."
With your honesty a sustenance; step into every inference.." 
That waiting beauty be not kept at bay..! 
copyright Joe Maverick 2012