Over Consuming Life

Written by: Sami LaRose

Sami LaRose
Over Consuming Life

And with one last everlasting kiss,
You take me and pull me away.
What we were fades into the darkness and scars me for another day.
So many pills, and so much alcohol
This is how hard I fall
I gave you my heart, I said It was glass; but you still took it, and
Smash, smash, smash
Shattered it into a thousand pieces,
And you destroyed me completely 
I blame you for what I am now,
Because what I have become, is what I hate the most
Lust and drugs is all my life revolves around now,
There is no more hope
So I take the knife and slit my throat, because I know you do not  care if I were to drop dead
I bet it’s something you wish everyday inside of your head