Ha Ha Halloween

Written by: Carol Eastman

The Trolls were out Halloween night; it’s their favorite time of the year.
The baby one had a Tutu on, and a great big smile, from ear to ear.
Grandpa Troll came along, and led his band down the streets, that night.
The neighbors were happy to see them there, to protect us all from pranks.

Needless to say, the town had a prize for the best costumes of the year.
The winners got goodies, at the ice cream store, who could ask for more?
Well, most of the town didn’t know, that our Trolls… were really real.
You can bet, the secret got out, after they won the costume show, this year.

As you can surmise, the ice cream prize… became the undoing of the Trolls.
After one little bite… they all dropped like flies, as a brain freeze did unfold.
You can bet, as the Trolls lay there, I’d never seen more beautiful grins.
Nirvana in life is hard to find… You can bet, they’d found theirs, my friend.

Candy is great; I heard them all say… with their bags full to the brim.
But ice cream, you see… was the coup complete… it must be a sin!
Now ice cream has become the hit of the town… along with watching a Troll.
It’s so tres Troll, and fascinating, you know… to watch the brain freeze…
Lay them flat on their back, again!

CSEastman 9-16-2012
Contest: Ultimate Halloween Contest