I Now Know Why The Call You The Devil

Written by: verlecia fields

i hell (held) a sack of brown papered flour in my virgin hands 
i hell (held) an small round specked egg in my young hands
all to receive a grade
i hell (held) a little life, rapped tightly in my arms 
and preyed to give unlimited love and unyielding safety     

but not one thing in my pre-adult life  
could prepare me for 
watching someone deceitfully end my life
take what small unique tiny breaths 
in my unknowing body 
and needle me up with chronic disease 
and shelter my knowing whit (with) 
politic deceit  
i made a fool out of myself 
by thinking, Gods laws would protect me
and only the good are good when no one can see 
and the wind rustle in the trees 
and evil lives in the home and hearth of the many