Not Now Girl

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Low, low, low
I brought myself
Down, down, down
To the ground, ground, ground
Where I started to shatter and break
I started to transform and I started to raise the stake
Hiss, hiss, hiss went the light
Stop! Stop! Stop! Said my fight
don't say what you got, girl
Don't say what you have, girl
Just walk away now, girl
My head started to scream
Not now, girl
Not now, girl
Run away, girl
Get away, girl
You're in too deep
Don't take it out of your pocket
Go home and go to sleep
Stay in your dreams
Don't rip yourself up by your seams
Not now, girl
Run away, girl
This is not a good idea!
But They were so enchanting
They were fearless and free
I used my one wild card
I wanted to not be me
And I fell down hard, my card was a joke
And there goes the smoke