Fond Farewell, A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes

Written by: Terrell Martin

When our flag is torn and burned I yearn 
For an America I once knew.
When our patriots fall I hear the call
Of cold blood red, white and blue.

And hearing the talk from those that mock 
The beauty of our beliefs,
I’m reminded that freedom’s price
Isn’t always pure, sweet peace.

As the eagle dares in places where 
Some will never see;
Higher ground where love is found 
America aims to be.    

God bless all those who gave their all
That others might remain,
In liberty’s light through day and night
They did not go down in vain.

Sail on, sail on, 
Sail onward homeward bound…
Making this world a better place, 
True freedom you have found.    

Though human thoughts and words cannot 
Apprehend all your good treasures,
Laying down your life for friends 
Goes beyond all human measure.  

Sail on, sail on, 
Sail onward homeward bound…
God bless you all who gave your all 
That we living might sleep sound.  

All you noble warriors 
And lovers of democratic dreams:
Salutations, admiration, 
Laurels of inestimable esteem.

From now on through eternity
To thrones of noble realms;
We give thanks for all your selflessness
And bid you fond farewell.