My pretty dazzling peacock
 How beautiful you are 
My dazzling princess, 
To any man’s eyes blind, mad or dumb, beauty! 
Not a scarce jewel to you 
Your teeth arranged- 
 A pattern beautiful than the navy parade 
Don’t even get me started: 
Your thorax, ribs so harpic
A look at them I feel musical
Wanna become a harpist.

Your sexy silence 
How calming it is to my thoughts 
Your deep dark eyes 
How they seem to look deep 
Deep enough to see through me 

The smile!
Oh the secret suggestive smile 
How it brings out elegance royal virtues 
A real angelic diva 
A thought of my presence in you 
Really an unsolved equation 
It is a priceless pleasure 
No one has ever managed this to me 
How I can’t explain my suffocation, 
Muscle melt down, 
Unstoppable drooling, 
What an expensive thought.

Just a peck my dear 
My life vaporizes away from me 
From a far in its dark world, 
My fumbling soul follows the brightest light 
To land on your tensed face 
Snap my life is back 
Straight into the arms of my dazzling angel.