You Love Gardening

Written by: Patrick Farley IV

~About this poem- My mom is taking care of my grandma right now. She is showing signs of dementia and her health is dimming. This poem is written to her:~

You don’t need to know the place
or why thoughts are out of place
just stay happy and stay you
draw a smile across my face.
i can get the colored crayons
you can sketch my face by hand
if you want us here, we’ll stay right here
so draw the floors into sand.
build life; you can use us as the wood
keep your spirits up?  we should
let us stay right here 
for good.
don’t listen to their limits
it’s your world and they’re not in it
they didn’t know you said that you weren’t done
till’ you were finished.
do you see us in the stands?
we’re your biggest fans!
run towards love, you’ll win love
show them “limits” aren't your plan.