Liverpool a day in the life of the 96

Written by: Christopher Flaherty

A day in the life of the 96

I heard the news today, Oh lord
About 96 humming birds
Breathing in the miracle heard

And though the news was rather sad
I had to laugh

A crowd of people stood and stared
And seemed to mouth the words
Justice for our dead

I saw a film today, Oh boy
The family's army had finally just won the war
And the guilty parties had to turn away
Having read the report knowing they were caught

And though the holes will never go
Now they know how may holes it will take to plug a 23 year hole
Today the truth your story told
Truth at last, Free at last

Lest we never forget your righteous path

In memory of the 96 and there families, The Hillsborough injustice.
Based on " A life in the day " By the Beatles