The Beginning

Written by: Charles Henderson

Lonely is the boy from Krypton.
How Karlo would love to be himself.
Pretending to be subnormal,
he puts normality on the shelf.
Idealistic, full of principle,
fields of wheat under foot.
A place far removed, surrounded by ice,
a frozen lair born of Jorel’s knowledge.
It would suffice.
Kryptonite, in this, his fortress of solitude,
where he grew in strength and knowledge
of his history and of his own planet’s destruction. 
Jorel bound him to the precepts 
of pride and heritage.
He listened and learned
and in his alter ego, feigning weakness
and humility, he waited for
the proper time and place for the world
to meet-------Superman, man of steel !!!!!!!

Sept 13, 2012 © cghjr