Cancer-you are a thief

Written by: Crestfallen .

You take lives,
Won't let us have our goodbyes,
Slowly watching loved one's die,
Killing the joy in so many eyes,
Barely getting out slow small sighs.

You are A thief of so many things,
Creating unseen scars, and everlasting pains.
A thief of memories, Oh so many that were yet to be made,
You go around forcing others to be afraid.

The hurt in our hearts,
is misled with a smile,
Just when you think there is no way for things to get worse,
We find out there is no cure for this curse.

And just when you go back to visit, hoping she's not worse,
You try to walk in the room,but you are being blocked by a nurse.
She says you can't go in, That's when you know this is no game you can win.
You see doctor's rushing in. 
So many thoughts going through your head,
You look over and see her not moving in her hospital bed.

They shut the door to the room,
and close the door to your heart,
Who knew one thing could tear your world apart.

You see, no one likes a sad story,
No one finds it at all amusing,
while you lay back and find the next victim your choosing.

What you do is not fair,
Take more lives if you dare,
but much longer you will be gone,
and no longer have your killing sprees,
One day, so many worries will be set free.