my love

Written by: wamaitha beth

You used to say distant is Just a number of miles,
The figures in number couldn't separate us,
And you said that time was to pass like a rocket
And once again we could be together,
My love !my love! how is you?

It pain me so much,
The memories of our love are tormenting me,
The promises you made are dead now
Never to be fulfilled
And never to be altered again
My love! My love! how is you?

You said you could not wait anymore,
What was there to hold to?
I had no choice but to let it go,
My heart did sunk,with noone to lean on,
I only comforted myself with our memories
My love! my love!hoe is you?

Its long time ever since ,
But I want to know that am ok
Not that I care,but how have you been?
My love! My love!how is you?