Written by: Shahana Jackson

You've awaken me.
I've been sleeping for so long 
that I don't know how to be awake properly.
I open my eyes just to see you face.
I close them to remember you as I dream. 
Your beautiful.
I could stare at you all day.
My heart bounces back and forward like a ping pong table.
I swore that I would not be made a fool of.
But I am a fool for you.
I climbed the highest mountains of my fears
to finally make it to you.
It wasn't easy. I bleed a lot along the way.
But I've never felt so alive. 
I've never wanted to stay attached.
My heart beats fast and hers beats fast back.
I lay my head on her chest just so I can hear it.
I'm shocked every time because I cannot believe 
that It's beating for me. 
She is an angel and she's kissing me.
I've reached heaven at 23.
And finally she has reached me.