Alone Again

Written by: Terry O'Leary

Cold rains wet and weary... seeping through the sky, Spectres pass ’long side me... bent, with collars high, My visions are invisible and no one sees me cry. Minstrels of destruction... rapping at my door, Naked anvils aching... heavy hammers roar, Their monodies of emptiness pulse, bleeding through the floor. House of cards collapsing... sagging walls of wax, Deuces in dissention... Aces slip through cracks, The Joker’s lost and lumbers by, alone, along the tracks. Steeple steps dismantled... muted bells below, Ruins quake and tremble... freezing in the snow, Their pains implode within my brain while pale winds cruelly blow. Prophets tumble temples... residues of tea Highways of no entrance... paths of destiny, The phantoms in my nightmare dreams tell tales of roaming free. Foghorns moaning lonely... waves awash in sound Silver schooner sinking... swirling round and round, At midnight’s stroke, the mainsail broke, and driftwood drifts aground. Silent seas misshapen... moonbeams painted rum, Teaspoons sifting ashes... fingers cold and numb An incandescent candlestick impales the sinking sun. Smothered fires smoking... oceans filled with ice, Lightning lashing windows... blades from paradise, Like tongues of limpid laughter licking wounds of sacrifice. Flowing fields of flowers... silent harmony, Rolling river reveries... washing to the sea My love, she was my daylight bliss, she once belonged to me.