The Blues

Written by: Owen Yeates

I got the blues so bad
It’s the worst I’ve ever had
My dog died yesterday
Seems everyone is running away

I got the blues it’s a shock
The rocking chair on the porch won’t rock
The door to the house won’t close
Even lost my prize bush it’s a rose

I got the blues in my soul
My house fell down a forty foot hole
My whole life was held within
The reclamation man say’s I won’t see it again

I got the blues in my life
Yeah you guessed she’s gone my wife
Will the blues ever end
I don’t mean to offend

I got the blues in my head
I got a gun it’s rusty red
Seems I can’t shoot myself
The trigger parts are on the shelf

I got the blues it’s my fate
I suppose I will have to wait
Until they pass with time I’ll heal
Until then then the blues I’ll feel