Jill's Better Batter Apple Pie

Written by: Erich Goller

Jill’s Better Batter Apple Pie (Children Story) Jack loved apple pie Jill said, Oh my It is your birthday, I’ll Bake you a big apple pie. For a starter Jill used Eggs, milk, sugar and flour. It took her one hour She tried to mixed a Better batter , And in the oven it went. Jill told Jack to invite Some friends. Jack invited Humpty Dumpty. Willie Winkie, and Diddle Diddle Who brought his fiddle. Jill invited Sally and little Miss Muffet. She was dancing With Jack and Willie Winkie Who was sweating and Smelled stinky. Rub a dub the whole apple pie They gabbled up. Jack did wash all the dishes And Jill gave him three Birthday kisses. Erich J. Goller Copyright 8.10.2011