Hold Me Tight

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Hold me tight
I want it to last
Hold me close
I want you to be fast

The music is pumping my ears
With it's swirl of thrumming and beats, pitches and yells, and highs and lows
It's just you and me, and a few thousand people, but other than that no one knows

That your hand is on my waist
Holding me tight
That I'm savoring your taste
Because I want you to last
But I like things to go fast

The lights are reflected in my eyes
You move your body into mine
I dance away, I dance back, I dance away, I dance back
There is no death, no life, no time
I dance away, you bring me back, you dance away, you can't help but come back
I am the pendulum
You are my base
I am the wind
You are the space

It's as if my blood is getting ready to race
It's preparing itself
It always wins
You gaze and smile, your whole story formulating on your face

But I'm not that simple
I reflect others, not myself
But at the moment, I feel high off of happiness

So hold me tight
Don't let me fall
Hold me close, I'll be your shining light
I want us to last
But I like to move fast
So, the least you can do is take my hand