In Your Eyes

Written by: Larry Belt

Sometimes secrets can be hard to find
They stay hidden so far out of sight
Spirits of the past keep haunting my mind
With invisible things I just can't fight

You say that you love me and I know it's true
For your smile doesn't give me a choice
But your eyes are the windows that tell on you
It comes from your heart's secret voice

I try to compete with the phantom of dreams
Someone that I've never met
At least when I'm with you that's how it seems
He's someone you can't forget

You always stare at some far away place
Some place I've never been
You're looking at me but seeing his face
I try, but I just can't get in

Sometimes secrets can be hard to find
The heart can wear a disguise
And though you've tried to leave him behind
I can still see him in your eyes