Written by: ilene bauer

The Torah, sacred to the Jews,
Is written with a quill.
They wrote it that way long ago
And write it that way still.

That feathers from a turkey,
Once its proud and glossy coat,
Could be penned for such a purpose
Seems a usage quite remote.

Yet the ancients tended to their tasks
With what they had at hand;
And turkeys must have strutted,
Unaware of their demand.

My feather musing happened when
I noticed on the street
Two pigeon feathers, blocks apart,
A rather strange conceit.

I wondered if a pigeon plume
Could take a starring role
And substitute for turkey quill
To ink a Torah scroll.

Perhaps if such a circumstance
Would come to its fruition,
Thereā€™d be a Torah tiny as
A paperback edition!