Obsession of sorrow

Written by: LIde Sangtam

Alcohol can drown a man's sorrow, but for a little while.
Makes him remember of what he tries to forget.
Drink more, only to find solitude.
Drink more, only to find regrets.  
Dink more, only to find tears.                                                                          
Dink more to find emptiness that is in the hearts of every man.
Drink more to find death.
A fool says, "Every rose has a thorn".
But a wise man says, "Every thorn has a rose"                                                  
So, hold on to your past, Let go of those that aren't worth holding on to.
Cause life is short to live in sorrows' of the past.
Every man will find peace if they purse the present.
And every breath of life one takes is a gift,
Alcohol cannot drown a man’s sorrow, but his sorrow drowns him.