A lovely friend

Written by: jim joyce

My lovely friend

A rare Russian beauty she passes thru starry fields of  dark winter nights 
with  long  fancied flights of  passion and  delight
Quiet , and mysterious,, witty and smart ,the calm after a snowy  storm ,,
 always in rare form with her beautiful legs , long brown hair and all kinds of nicely shaped parts
 Complete with a personality  all bubbly and cute , she endears you with a tug from her warm tender heart
She has many talents and  shows off her treasures of  cloth and silk, with  ruffles and rills
 She sews all by her self with hand crafted skill, 
Her beautiful dresses ,she makes in her time of leisure  
 Draw every eye, from her top  to her cute little bottom, so that when she enters
 She lights up the room, and  the men turn to her in pleasure
 Enticing ,and bewitching , all smiles and flirts, while  hearts beat fast , 
 one gets lured in , while missing the quiet beauty that will always last 
As deep as a pure  mountain lake, she seems without  a care, affecting the future and not the past 
For that is her charm , her wit and her daring in a form in which she was cast 
Lovely and charming, and sometimes shy , she blushes with beauty and grace,  
all with a smile on her pretty face
  Its easy to dream of being with her in Paris or Rome  or any other place