When Fate Decides

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

When fate decides to bring you love,
the brightest stars align above.

To fill each heart with eternal light,
to guide both through dark tunnels of night.

As sunbeams showering in gold,
create a glow of hope foretold.

Yes, love's written in brilliant skies
of sun and moon, never to die;

Of constellations bold and bright,
of cherished days beyond our sight.

When fate unites two hearts who dare
to vow true love, honor and bare

their souls creating a new life,
a family's born of husband, wife.

A promise to love for all time,
long after each are past their prime.

As shooting stars blaze overhead,
fate's kiss unites two hearts now wed.

When fate decides to bring you love,
each dazzling star shines from above.

A bond of love shines for all to see
starting the moment you marry me.